Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update: Haiti Mission Trip #719

Good Morning! 

Just a quick update.

Many of the needs have been met for the mission trip to Haiti!

Praise God!!!

There are still a few major ones, though, that still need to be met...a way TO Atlanta by July 28th. Several neccessary supplies, which i will list below, travel expenses (i.e. gas money for the return trip, food on the return trip, a couple of meals on the way to Haiti, etc.) possible charges for luggage on flight.

I know many of you have been on your knees on my behalf and i THANK YOU!

I know many of you have generously donated to this cause on my behalf, and i THANK YOU!

I ask that you continue to pray for those of us making this trip. that you seek the Holy Spirit's guidance as to what to pray for and that if you feel led to help financially, that you would know you are blessing the folks of Haiti in so very many ways.

that you would know it is not neccessarily only me that you are blessing , but you are loving these folks who have nothing, and you are loving them well. and if your blessing is in prayer, that you are also loving them well. i have a paypal acct set up. you can send contributions care of my email address mommy668@yahoo.com by following this link: SENDMONEY.

For those of you in the St. Louis area, i will be here (moscow mills) thru friday night/sat morn the 24th. if you can meet any of the needs listed below or have any questions please call me or email me. cell 219-229-5006,

636-356-1478 or mommy668@yahoo.com. For the folks in NW Indiana/ Chicago area, i will be home the 24th late afternoon. If you have any questions or feel you can meet any of the needs listed below, please feel free to call me or email. Again the trip dates are 7//28/2010 (have to be in Atlanta the 28th) thru 8/5/2010.

Thank you again for all of your thoughts, prayers, donations, and continued support!



Supplies needed: Please pack one or two of the following items in your check-in luggage: Bisquick, oatmeal, cream of wheat, grits, or powdered milk. Also each person should bring a 4-roll pack of bathroom tissue.

Other things to Bring to Haiti! Hey Team....after working on your schedule some and talking with Courtney here are some things that we need people to bring for the activities you'll be doing here in Haiti! Please comment on this post and let us know if you'd be able to pick up any of these things!

- soccer balls (def...lated)

- soccer pump/needles

- other balls/games/activities for kids

- TONS of glow in the dark stars (the hard plastic ones) to set up night scenes and decorate the Miriam Center!- Acrylic Paint and Paint Brushes (all colors and lots of it!)

- White Christmas Lights

few more things to add to the list....

- Shaving Cream for a Shaving Cream party with the miriam center kids!

- They love glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets etc!

- baseball T and T Ball stuff is an option for the kids as well to teach them baseball if anyone is interested in sports!

Random Need: tons of boy's underwear, ryobi flashlights, baby cereal and boy's pants and shorts.

Also, for activities we love ANYTHING sensory- shaving cream, corn starch, ect

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