Saturday, August 14, 2010

Living Life In The Zone: a 40-daySpiritual Game Plan for Men

Living Life In the Zone: A 40-Day Spiritual Game Plan For Men, written by Kyle Rote, Jr. and Dr. Joe Pettigrew, is designed to be a devotional/self-study tool for men. I really enjoyed the way the authors used a topic (sports) that most men can relate to and gave real life testimonies on how men can deepen their relationships with God, family, friends and grow their faith.They can do so by 3 simple processes. Starting with an Idea, then having a game plan, and finally having time out or a daily assignment to help you reach your goal. This is a book that i am passing on to my teenage sons to help prepare them for adulthood and to be Men of God.

Definitely check this book out. Great stories from some of sports best known and well loved, with awesome practical advice for every day living...not just applicable to the men in our lives♥

Disclaimer: I received my copy for free as a member of booksneeze in exchange for review. Having said that, i have not been unduly influenced one way or the other as to what to write. K? k♥

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