Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ship high in transit...

Have you ever been so stressed you thought your head was going to explode and vomit erupt like lava from your neck?

Me too!

That is where i am at right now. I know that seems like a graphic description, but it is as close as i can come to giving you a visual picture of the ride i am on.

I will graduate from college on January 8, 2012.

I have finals tomorrow. After completing this round of finals, i will begin my last pair of regular classes. From what i understand, they are extremely difficult.

From there i have externship and clinical review. These two classes are pass or fail. There is no in between or second chance.

I also have a husband and three sons, one of which has autism spectrum disorder.

AND i live with debilitating chronic pain.

Most of the time it is easy ( or easier) for me to Choose Joy, like my friend Sara encouraged me so often.

Although, for the past two days, Ship High In Transit is what has been coming to my mind most often.

So, my questions for you are:

What is stressing you out?
Would you pray for my mental health this next ten weeks?