Saturday, May 22, 2010

Author Models Plan B

What Do You Do When God Doesn't Show up The Way You Thought He Would?


So i have totally been procrastinating writing my review of my friend Pete Wilson's new book, "Plan B".

My intention was to post it on the day the book was released nation wide, May 4, 2010. Then the weekend prior to that, the huge flood hit Tennessee and was particularly devastating to Nashville. Home to not only Pete and his family, but so many of my other friends and their families, plus my sister Melissa and her family live/work in the surrounding area.

I found myself rewriting my review. Initially i had written it from the perspective of "we all have a 'plan b' especially if we have family, kids, pets, etc" and peppered it with a little bit of humor.(cuz that's how i roll)

Suddenly it wasn't funny anymore. Suddenly my family and friends were living a devastating "Plan B". No homes, loss of cars, some friends lost family members. Reality bared it teeth and they were not pretty. Most folks did not have insurance and did not know where to start to even begin to pick up the pieces.

I'm sure a lot of these folks are feeling like God has turned His back on them.

Maybe even feeling like "God must be MAD at me?"

In his book, while writing on parallels between modern day and biblical times, Pete uses real life stories to offer hope, encouragement and honesty. In the powerful stories of the bible, Pete shows us how God can provide a "Plan B" and the outcome can be better than we ever dreamed for ourselves. The stories of David, Joshua & Joseph are awesome examples of this. David becomes King (not without his fair share of drama), Joshua has faith and crosses the Jordan and Joseph (dad's fave, thrown in a pit by jealous bros, adulterous, murderer & redeemed)

In the book where Pete talks about trusting God, transformation through tragedy, and waiting on God to reveal your Plan B, I never imagined i would be witnessing Pete and friends living their Plan B quite so graphically or so quickly.  These folks have been living it with a grace and passion i have never seen. I pray that I should be able to face any Plan B's in my future with such courage of conviction and grace. I am blessed to call Pete friend.

*Thomas Nelson Publishers generously provided me with a copy of this book to read and review.