Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Need A Little Help From My Friends

So here's the thing.

I've been praying about how i could figure out a way, financially, that makes sense, to work this business out.

 i truly believe that God has plans for me to be in Haiti come July 29, 2010.

and this is what I've come up with...the actual cost of the trip for me is $500 bones. when you add in airfare to and from Atlanta, you're looking at another $300.00 or so more plus any travelling and incidental expenses.

So, i figure probably around 1K would cover it.

I know this LOOKS like a lot of money and it is. but if you think about it like this: i have 214 friends of facebook. 310 followers on twitter. of those aforementioned peeps, probably close to 50 are family members. IF 100 of my friends gave $10.00 each. The ENTIRE TRIP Would be COVERED! If 200 friends gave $5.00 get the picture. That's like giving up one frappe at McDonald's or sbux.

The immediate need is $100.00 by Sunday July 4th. I already have my passport. I have the necessary experience having been to Haiti previously. I just need a little help from my Friends!

If you feel led to assist in this mission, you can contribute HERE. You will need my email address.( Also, it is completely free if you use your existing paypal or bank account. There is a small fee associated with  using a credit/debit card.

As always I ask that you pray and ask Gods leading in this, and ask the blessing of your prayers on this endeavor.

Peace, love & JOY!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Okay folks...this is where the rubber meets the road. I've received the confirmation email from the folks at Courageous Church and a Home in Haiti. Thats the great news... the scary bit is that i have to have $500.00 cash dollars with $100.00 of it as a deposit by Sunday July 4th! (that's THIS Sunday) in order to participate in this mission trip to Haiti. WOWSERS!!!!

As most of you know, the last time i was in Haiti was in June of 1985. i celebrated my 17th birthday there. The beautiful twins in the header pic where patients of the clinic at Christianville where i volunteered. It was such a life changing experience for me. I would soooo LOVE to go back.

But here's the deal...i. am. flat. broke. My job ended on June 12th and i have been doing a little bit of private home health care, otherwise i am gainfully unemployed. I also have several other big financial commitments in the weeks just prior to this time frame. We are already doing a big yard sale to help cover those expenses. I am and always have been a firm believer that things happen the way they do for a reason. That maybe the reason that i have not been able to get a job yet is that God wanted me to be free for this opportunity. I believe that He can and does perform miracles EVERYDAY and that if its HIS will for me to go, He will provide a way.

So, If any of you feel led to assist in financing this trip, that would be AWESOMESAUCE! If you feel led to pray Gods will over me and the other folks considering this trip, that would be AWESOMESAUCE!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughtful consideration. My paypal acct is HERE. You can also email me at with any questions or concerns. You will need my email address for the paypal acct. Also, you can donate for FREE by using your existing paypal or bank account. There is a small fee is you choose to use your credit/debit card.

Peace, Love and JOY!