Thursday, July 8, 2010



We have made lots of progress from where we were 10 days ago.

10 days ago i received an email from Shaun King asking me "Can you go?" So on a whim i filled out an application, expecting to be denied, and went on with my daily routine.

9 days ago i received an emailed saying my application was accepted and i needed $500 for the cost of the trip with $100 as a deposit due on the 4th of July.

8 days ago, by Gods grace and the help of friends and family, i was able to pay that deposit.

in the days that have followed, God has provided an additional $300.

So, maybe its better said GOD has made progress.

There are so many friends and family members that have been so generous with their support, both in prayer and with finances. Thank You, ALL!

We are almost there. The deadline for paying for the trip is July 17th.


The other BIG need is the funding for travel to and from Atlanta, the various immunizations and meds that are needed to go with, many supplies that are specific to the trip and so on. I was able to find round trip tickets from CHI to ATL today for $171 plus tax. The issue is that i don't know how long that price is good for.

We would ask that you would join us in prayer for our trip, that you would seek guidance and if you feel lead by the Holy Spirit, you can contribute HERE. You will need my email address:

Thank you all in advance for your prayers and consideration.

Peace, love and JOY!


Pamela said...

Since this post, i received a call from a dear, dear friend and her husband. They are being led to donate $100 to the Haiti mission trip on my behalf. That brings us to our $500 goal being met in way plenty of time!!! Now we have to focus on the travel needs and the supplies specific to the Haiti trip.

Thank you God for your mercy and your benevolence! For your generous provision. So Much more than i could ever imagine. You never cease to amaze me. Please share you provision with the others on the team who are trying so hard to get things in order that they may also go and be your hands and feet.

Carol Donnelson said...

Dear Precious Pamela:
All I can offer is my prayers. I wanted so to participate toward giving.....but not having Dental front tooth broke off one night while eating a pizza at CC's. In order to save the tooth, I had to have a crown...terribly expensive. Even the prayers have been answered for someone to be burdened to give financially to you. You deserve it; you are the most loving, caring, encouraging I know on the face of this wonderful Lord's earth! So please go with my prayer blessings. Oh yes, you are our hands and feet!

Pamela said...

Miss Carol~

Oh, how i covet your prayers! They mean absolutely the world to me. In my mind there are various types of riches. There is money, gold, jewels, possesions, and the like. There are also those who are rich in the Spirit...those who offer of their time, energy, soul, prayers, wisdom and grace. Some folks are blessed with a little of both...either way, the way i see it, if you're using the blessing and "riches" that God wants you to have, to HIS glory, then its all good!

Thank you for sharing your "Blessings" with me, My Sweet Sister!

Peace, Love and JOY!