Sunday, February 27, 2011

How YOU Can Make a Difference in One Woman's Life AND Death.

I have often heard the question asked "How can I make a difference? I am only one person."

The answer is really very simple. By being an example. By taking the lead. By spreading the word. By refusing to do nothing when you see a need.

We all have the ability to make a difference in someone Else's life, no matter how small it is. It does not need to be a grand gesture (although, if you have the means to do that, please do so if that's what you feel led to do) or a public display. It can be as simple as saying a prayer for and sending a card to a woman who is dying of cancer, and is feeling like the world has forgotten her.

Please join the movement to show Lisa that LOVE really does WIN and its not just a catchphrase used by some to look hip and relevant. Who, when the chips are down, won't (or can't) put their money where their mouth's are.

We are asking that you say a prayer for Lisa and send her a card or note of encouragement.  Its that easy. If you can't send a card, then please say a prayer. If you send a card, all we ask is that you note where you are from and what church you attend (if you do).  We also  ask that you DO NOT send get well soon sentiments.( i realize this should go without saying, but to avoid any confusion :)

Please read more about Lisa's story here and here. You can write to Lisa at the address below. Sue P. will make sure that any correspondence is delivered to her at the hospital.

Lisa Bailey
3201 Dody Ave
Apartment 2
Michigan City, IN 46360

To those of you who have already responded, God bless you and thank you! You will never know how much you have impacted Lisa's life. A Big shout out to my man "The Flower Boy" JZ! There is no one like you, and that's a shame. You are one of the most loving, generous and thoughtful people i know, and i am forever blessed and thankful to call you friend! YOU ROCK!!!

Peace, love and JOY!

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