Friday, February 25, 2011

UPDATE: Send a card and Say a Prayer!

I would like to thank everyone for their amazing response to the cause for care of our sweet sister Lisa.

I learned that she is going to have to remain hospitalized through the weekend, including her Big Birthday. The Dr. found a blood clot in her arm.  This is very disappointing. Who wants to spend their birthday in the hospital, right?

So,for anyone who feels inclined, if you prefer to send a note of encouragement instead of a birthday card, please feel free to do so. Lisa's son will be taking any mail she receives to her at the hospital. I personally would love to see the walls of her room so full of cards, that one cannot tell the paint color!

Let that be my challenge to you! If you have a compassion group, or friends that like to write cards, please feel free to invite them to participate. The more the merrier is what I say!

God Bless you all.
Peace, love and JOY!

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