Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Prayer and A Comment!

So, we have been praying for Lisa and sending her encouragement for about a week now.  I talked with Sue last night, and she was hopeful that Lisa is going to  get to go home today.  I have not heard any news as of yet, so we'll keep praying for that to happen.

I am so grateful to everyone who has responded to the call for encouragement and prayer.  Cards and notes are starting to come in and Lisa is feeling so much LOVE! 

I was talking to Sue last night and got to thinking, we could take this to a whole new level by opening up the comments here on the blog to you all for the purpose of encouraging and loving Lisa into our saviors arms.

Sue is also going to do some guest posts to keep you all apprised of what is happening and the difference you are making for Lisa. (maybe even a picture or two, who knows?)

With all of that being said, we want to welcome you to "Something to Say", and encourage YOU to make a difference  in this one woman's life and death.

You are always welcome to mail are card or note to Lisa if that is your preference.

Lisa Bailey
3201 Dody Ave
Apartment 2
Michigan City, IN 46360

Happy Praying and Commenting!

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