Sunday, December 11, 2011

Concluding One Word 2011

I cannot believe nearly a year has passed and 2011 is almost gone. My one word for the year was CHANGE. I had absolutely no idea how prophetic that would be or how God would use people and things in my life to CHANGE me so much.

God has required so much of me this year.

I have almost finished school. (January 6 is the big day)
Made new friends.
Said goodbye to old ones. (I miss you, Sara)
Learning to be quiet. (Keep my mouth shut and unnecessary comments to myself)
Learned sarcasm is not attractive or funny. (or a love language)

I still have many CHANGES to work out and keep working on. These are one day at a time, never give up, work in progress, kind of CHANGES.

I am really excited for 2012, and have really narrowed down my One Word selection. I think it is going to be as meaningful to me as 2011, if not more so.

What are your potential words for 2012?

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