Saturday, September 17, 2011

Me and Sara

The first time i "met" Sara was about two years ago, when the (In)Courage community was launched.
Sara and Adeline

I remember thinking at the time how impressed i was because Sara was completely home bound, with an incredibly painful, progressive disease, and she had the most amazing and positive attitude i have ever witnessed.

i was humbled. and convicted.

in the late 1990's i was diagnosed with several chronic pain disorders. i thought my life as i knew it was over. and it was. i was so self-centered and i couldn't understand why my husband and family didn't revolve their entire world around me and my pain. i almost lost my family and my marriage over it.

i didn't get that, yes, my world had changed, but that didn't mean that i had to change my personality with it.

until Sara.

Sara showed me that even though, your circumstances may be less than ideal, you can still be:


and that you can choose joy every day.

Sara is now on her journey to redemption. while i am incredibly sad, i will miss her wisdom, humor, and that unique perspective that only she can give, i am also thankful. thankful (and maybe even a little jealous) that she is going to meet our Jesus. He is going to hug her, and hold her, and she will know no pain. for that, i am eternally grateful.

if i have any regret, it would be that i never got to meet her face-to-face, or give her a hug. that's okay. i'll meet her soon enough, and hug her with all of my might, and be confident that it will not be painful for either of us.

i love you, Sara, and thank you for all that you are and have been, for me, and countless others.

God bless you and keep you until we meet again!

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Craig said...

so many of the very same thoughts Pamela - so many. For me the enemy of the body is sleep. Not a single normal night of sleep for almost 15 years. I know of a body that rebels. Heart your words. Choose Joy. God bless!!