Monday, July 25, 2011

One Word 2011 (Part II)

Back in January i decided to participate in my friend Alece's challenge to find ONE WORD in 2011 that could define a goal for myself. Something i wanted to do differently or apply to my life to make a positive impact on the world around me.

Below is an update on how that has been going for me.

The word i chose was CHANGE.

Boy oh Boy...and change was what i was in for. i had no idea how i was to be stretched and challenged in the next several months that would follow.

i had no idea that i would have to completely change my way of thinking in order to adapt to being a college student again at age 43.

i never would have thought i would have to change every thing i thought i knew about parenting because my youngest son has Bipolar disorder, ASD/Aspergers syndrome, physically attacked me and tried to commit suicide.

i was not prepared for the news that my high school and home town were devastated and changed forever.  That so many of my friends would lose their homes, jobs, and we would all lose loved ones.

i also would not have had to change my reliance on my Heavenly Father.

My daddy.

The one who has carried me when i could not walk through this craziness on my own. The one who, despite all of my attempts to change the outcome of this mess i call life, loves me anyway.

So i'm going to keep on working on change. i think it is going to be just fine.

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