Thursday, February 4, 2010


WOW. wowie. wow. wow. WOW.

Is it just me, or did the last month just FLY by? I can't be sure where the time went, but here's a quick rundown of what i've been up to. are you ready? ok. lets go.

1.) have had 2 surgical procedures on my back. (eeks)
2.) have had 4 Pampered Chef shows. qualified as a consultant. (yay)
3.) peak tax season is back in full swing. (yay & eeks)
4.) started new Interchange session at CCC. (yay)
5.) got my computer replaced. (yay. yay. yay.)
6.) started attending the knitting/crochet group "Love Covers"

and among these things that have been a part of my daily routine, there have been many dramatic things happen in the world around me or with and to the people i love.
1.) earthquake in Haiti
2.) my good friend Becky's father passed away.
3.) my good friend Sheree lost her job.
4.) my friend Sally had surgery today for cancer.
5.) my sister Jenny is having ongoing chemo.
6.) Sally's son Jim had a heart attack and surgery.

even though it seems as if all of this bad news should be a reason for sadness and depression, my friends and i are hopeful. we are thankful. we are joy filled. we are resting in the comfort of our creators arms. we are blessed. we have faith that tomorrow will be a better day. how do we know this, you ask? cuz Jesus told us. how do you say WOW!

p.s. in a day or 2 i'll give you a rundown on how my book adventure is going♥ "Living Life In The Zone" by Rote & Pettigrew.

p.s.s. Please PRAY for my friend Anne as she and a group of pastors and missionaries head to Haiti to assess the needs of the people, and to love them and be the hands and feet of Christ. Anne has training in crisis intervention and is a pastor herself. She is an amazing person with a huge heart for the poor, marginalized and under "everything" people of this world. I am privileged to call her friend.


Anonymous said...

Where have I been? Thanks for pointing me to your BLOG!!! So tremendous! Your blog, sharing your thoughts and letting us be the blessed ones from reading! I see you are busy, but it's very motivational and I need that!!!
Great job! Very informative! And your guys will remember it as they get older that they were in the pic on their Mom's Blog! wooohoo..Making memories for your sons!!! That's what it all about! Makes your fam. close!!!

Carol said...

Pamela: I messed up! I don't want to be Anonymous! Can it get changed? Help, help! I truly want my name on Comment, so I'll try again. Ooops, I'm still learning the tech side...eeeek

Pamela said...

Carol~ i just saw your message. Thank you♥ i enjoy your blog, too! WE all know you could not be anonymous :). Love you friend♥