Monday, February 22, 2010

When God Show's up, He Show's up BIG!

God provided an apartment for *Sally today.

God Provided 8 or so men and trucks to move Sally to said apartment.

God provided His hands and feet, ready and willing ,with open hearts and minds, ready to find a way to provide financial backing for above mentioned apartment.

God has provided many, many, many members of His body, who have come forth in prayer and petition, for *Sally for her gargantuan physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

God's people have shown up in amazing ways. Nate Loucks, James Conlin, Dave Woodson and the folks at Kevin & Sue Prybylla, Norm & Jeanne Losiniecki , the folks at and Crystal Renaud of Dirty Girls Ministries. Thank you soooo much♥for your prayers, direction, donations and LOVE!

When God show's up, He show's up BIG!

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