Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Permission To Speak Freely

As most of you know, two weeks ago i blogged about *Sally and her situation in a post called James 2:14-17. That post has generated a lot of comments, questions and controversy within the church i attend.

i was asked to remove the post. was accused of gossip and not being a *Christian. the leader who's words i repeated, (and he agreed they were his words) asked that we could have a conversation without it showing up in another blog post.
i think that was a reasonable enough request. i just don't know that i can continue to honor it.
the problem that i have with it is this; why would there be anything you couldn't say to me, about me, that couldn't be shared on a blog post? or that you would be embarrassed to have shared on a blog post. and why does it bug you so much that your words were repeated in the first place?

if we can't be transparent and authentic in church and with the church,

the BODY,

there is something really wrong with this picture.

If the folks who have commented on the blog post have to do so anonymously for fear of retribution and recrimination WITHIN the CHURCH,

there is a problem!

we should not need permission to speak freely!

why should we be afraid that we will not be loved or accepted by the body of Christ?

my good friend Anne Jackson is writing a book called Permission to Speak Freely.
maybe ya'll should check it out.
we should be free to speak our words in love and kindness.

in the real world.

you know.

where unicorns and leprechauns live.

*photo courtesy of Anne Jackson and Permission To Speak Freely. all rights reserved♥

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